Wednesday, September 30, 2015

International Deaf Awareness Week

Since SNH is a registered NGO in Uganda, SNH has been invited by the Uganda National Association of the Deaf to participate in the International Deaf Awareness Week (IDAW) from October 26 to October 30! (The banner has incorrect dates due to overlap with local elections, but it will take you to the UNAD Facebook page.)

The IDAW was started by the World Federation of the Deaf and this is Sherinah's description of the week's activities: "Various activities are done to ensure that deaf rights are being recognized by the society. During the some period, we use this opportunity to advocate for equal treatment,we do community cleaning, various deaf people express their talents,there is cultural shows by deaf people themselves, blood donation and HIV/AIDS testing, football and netball friendly match and many other interesting activities are done."

The UNAD invited 4 deaf children and they will need to travel with 2 SNH staff members and 2 parents. The cost for these 8 people is 350$ US and covers accommodation, transportation, meals and t-shirts.

Sherinah wrote the following message to share more information about the experience:

To friends of Sherinahs New Hope for Children with Disability Ministry,

We all know fundraising could be hard thing, but its worth a try! I am grateful to all friends I have. Thank you so much for important influence towards my work in the past. The previous fundraising were successful including last years Christmas party. Thank you everybody who contributed, now am inviting you to help again!

This time we are looking for donations from friends,sponsors and well wishers to contribute towards the International Deaf Awareness week (IDAW) scheduled on 26th-30th October 2015.

You may be asking what is International Deaf Awareness Week?? Well, it's about 'promoting the positive aspects of deafness,' to 'promote social inclusion' and raise awareness to all the organisations that support the week, and most importantly, it's about helping people who are deaf themselves.

This year's IDAW Theme Is "With Sign Language Rights Our Children."

Sherinah's New Hope for Children with Disabilities Ministry is one of registered NGO in Uganda under the Ministry of Local Government aiming at advocating for children with disability rights including the deaf (children with hearing impairments, promote social inclusion through advocacy and lobbying, etc. Therefore we found it necessary for us to participate in this important event, but then without financial assistance from people like you, we will not be able to participate.

We need 350$ US to enable us participate in this important event. We are looking for 35 people each to contribute 10$ towards this causes within the period of 3 weeks. From now until 25th October 2015.

Will you donate towards this cause, if so please message me or email to or visit us on Facebook for more information about this event.

Thank you so much for you support.

Again, please consider contributing 10$ US to help send SNH to the IDAW! And if you would be interested in sponsoring one of SNH's deaf children, please view the Waiting Children page.

About Hannah Hinojosa...Hannah is a long time Compassion sponsor (she was Sherinah's sponsor) and writes about her sponsorship journey at Because of Shamim. In addition to being a wife and mother, she is a part-time math professor and loves to read.

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