About SNH

Sherinah’s New Hope for Children with Disability Ministry (SNH) is based in Nakeseke District, Uganda. This ministry reaches out to disabled children in the region of central Uganda.

Mission Statement

To transform disabled and marginalized children into morally upright, spiritually sound and educationally competent adults through supporting to their educational needs, as well as providing them with spiritual guidance to become a future responsible Christian.

Cost of Sponsorship

$25 per month, due to fees, administrative costs and emergencies, 60% of the sponsorship fees will go directly to your child. (If you pay extra to cover the transfer fee, then 80% of the sponsorship fees will go directly to your child.)

Paying Sponsorship Fees

Payment can be made via Wave, Western Union, Money Gram, or World Remit. In order to maintain consistent care for the children in our program, if payment is not received for three consecutive months, SNH reserves the right to make the child available for a new sponsor.

SNH recommends Wave for sponsorship payments since Wave does not have transfer fees. Wave is an app that is very user-friendly both for the donor, and for SNH to receive the funds.

Payments can be made monthly, quarterly or annually. Due to school fees needing to be paid at once, and due to transfer costs, we recommend quarterly or annual payments. It is the sponsor’s responsibility to make payments in a timely manner.

To pay via Western Union, choose "Send Money" and complete the following steps: Bring a photo ID
1) For country, chose "Uganda." The conversion from US dollars to Ugandan shillings will be done automatically.
2) Enter your billing zip code.
3) Choose "Cash at agent location."
4) Choosing to pay with a bank account will save you money, but you may pay with a credit card. Occasionally it is possible to find coupons for transfer costs.
5) Sign into your account.
6) You will be prompted to enter your bank account (or credit card) information.
7) The individual you are sending money to is Moses Lameck Wabwire, SNH Treasurer (be sure to use his full name--please put "Moses Lameck" as the first name and "Wabwire" as the last name) in Kampala, Uganda.
8) Choose a security question/answer.
9) Once your transfer is complete, email Sherinah (sherinahnewhope@gmail.com) and include the tracking number, exact monetary amount (in both US dollars and Ugandan shillings), your full name, the town, state and/or zip code from where the money was sent, and the answer to the security question.

What Sponsorship Provides for Your Child

Your child’s educational needs will be met via school, tutoring and/or therapy. Due to the varying nature of disabilities, educational options are decided case-by-case. After SNH covers part of the child’s educational costs, remaining monies will be spent on medical needs and other necessities as determined by SNH staff after consulting with the child and guardian(s).

Can I Write to My Child?

Letters can be emailed monthly to sherinahnewhope@gmail.com. Letters may be up to one page in length, with up to two photos attached. Letters will be printed out in black and white and delivered to the child within three months, when an SNH staff member visits the child. If the sponsored child and/or guardians do not speak English, then the SNH staff member will translate the letter.

You may mail letters twice a year, once for your child’s birthday, and once for Christmas. Please take into account that it may take your letter 4-6 weeks to arrive in Uganda. Email sheriniahnewhope@gmail.com for the mailing address.

For the protection of sponsors and children, we ask that all correspondence be conducted via SNH. Please do not share personal contact information in the letters. Should a sponsor, sponsored child, or child’s family member attempt to make contact outside of SNH, SNH will issue one written warning. After a second offense, the sponsor and/or child will lose the privilege of participating in SNH.

Child Updates

Once a year you will receive an updated child bio, and you will receive two photo updates of your child per year. If your child is attending school, you will also receive school updates. If your child is able to write or draw a picture, you will receive two letters per year.

Additional Giving

In addition to the ongoing sponsorship fees, sponsor may choose to send a monetary donation to cover other necessities. Purchases will be made at the discretion of the SNH staff after consultation with the child and guardian(s). SNH will notify the sponsor with how the funds were spent.

Sponsors may also choose to mail packages to their child. Should you choose to send a package, due to the cost of shipping and customs fees, we ask that you send only two packages a year (Christmas and birthday). It takes about 6-8 weeks for the package to arrive in Uganda.

  • Recommended gifts are: craft supplies, pens, crayons, school supplies, Bible teaching materials, toys, clothes, socks, shoes and toothbrushes.
  • Place the items in plastic bags, especially books and other paper items. Use a permanent marker to label bags with your child's full name.
  • Remove labels, price tags or anything that makes the item look new.
  • Record the tracking number and email it to SNH.
  • Do not send expensive items (such as jewelry), liquid or perishable items. Also, in Uganda girls under 18 do not wear makeup, so please do not send lipstick or chapstick.
  • Remember, when sending a package, there is always a risk that it may be stolen. Please pray over your package!

  • Adding New Sponsorships

    We value the investment of sponsors in the lives of our children! Our goal is to maintain consistent sponsor-child relationship and support. We also accept sponsors choosing multiple children. However, should a financial crisis arise, and you should have to cancel a sponsorship, SNH requests that you wait one year prior to adding another child. We also are unable to allow you to add additional sponsorships if you are behind on payments.

    Christian Education

    Teaching the Bible is an integral part of our ministry. Hence, whenever an SNH staff member visits a child, a short Bible lesson is shared.

    Graduation from SNH

    At age 24, our children will graduate from SNH and no longer receive the support of the program.

    Does SNH have a USA tax exemption?

    Not at this time.


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