Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Juliet!

Little Juliet just celebrated her 6th birthday on January 26th! Please join us in wishing Juliet a very happy birthday. 

Juliet was born normal but became deaf at age 2. Today she is completely deaf and nonverbal. She lives with both her parents. Juliet attends school and is in primary 2, but her performance is below average due to lack of special needs education. Juliet enjoys Sunday School, but she doesn't enjoy the singing due to lack of hearing. Juliet helps in her home by cleaning the compound and fetching firewood and water.

Juliet is still waiting for a sponsor! If you would like to sponsor Juliet, please let us know at

Monday, January 13, 2014

Children Receiving T-Shirts

In addition to the gifts that the children received at their Christmas Party, each child received a t-shirt! We hope you enjoy seeing the children's precious faces as they received their t-shirts and as they played afterwards.

Elias -- SNH-UG-010
Waiting for a Sponsor!

Christine -- SNH-UG-011
Waiting for a Sponsor!

Phionah -- SNH-UG-012
Waiting for a Sponsor!

Phionah receiving her shirt

Grace -- SNH-UG-013

Harriet -- SNH-UG-025

Rebecca -- SNH-UG-004
Waiting for a Sponsor!

Rebecca posing for the camera

David -- SNH-UG-005
Waiting for a Sponsor!

Benjamin -- SNH-UG-007
Waiting for a Sponsor!

Lydia -- SNH-UG-009
Waiting for a Sponsor!
And if you would be interested in learning more about these children, please check out our Waiting Children page!

Our Sponsored Children

Praise God! Catherine was sponsored! Here are some lovely photos of Catherine.

Both Gloria and Grace were sponsored also! Here are some precious photos of these sisters and their brother. 

Thank you for praying for this ministry! Please be praying for our Waiting Children to be sponsored.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Party

Sherinah's New Hope for Children With Disability Ministry had a Christmas party on December 21st! I hope that you enjoy seeing photos of the event.

Sherinah sharing the vision of the ministry 

The Board of Trusts

Here are photos of the children with their families!

And time was set aside to share a Bible lesson with the children.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Catherine's Christmas Gifts

Sherinah's New Hope for Children With Disability Ministry had a Christmas party on December 21st! Sherinah and the board of trusts were able to give out Christmas gifts to all the kids. We will post photos of that event soon.

18-year-old Catherine has no mobility due to an unknown disease leaving her physically disabled. Sherinah wasn't sure if Catherine would be able to make it to the Christmas party and so she delivered Catherine's gifts early! Catherine is not sponsored and so please be praying for her to be sponsored.

And we hope you enjoy the photos of Catherine receiving her Christmas gifts!

The gifts!

Sherinah & Catherine

Catherine with a letter

Catherine's Christmas card

Catherine with all of her gifts
If you would be interested in sponsoring Catherine, please contact and let them know. Catherine's child number is SNH-UG-006. And you can learn more about Catherine via her bio on the Waiting Children page.

Lydia Receiving Gifts

6-year-old Lydia is still waiting for a sponsor. Lydia is unable to talk or move and her mother is raising Lydia on her own. But Lydia recently received a gift from a kind donor! And Sherinah delivered the gifts to her.

Lydia with her mother
We hope you enjoy seeing Lydia receive her gifts. And please pray for Lydia to be sponsored quickly.

Lydia with her gift

Lydia's mother, Lydia & Sherinah

Sherinah giving the gifts

If you would be interested in sponsoring Lydia, please contact and let them know. Lydia's child number is SNH-UG-009. And you can learn more about Lydia via her bio on the Waiting Children page.
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