Sherinah's Story

My name is Sherinah.  I received this name, after being baptized early this year. Prior to my baptism,  I was known as Shamim. I was born to a family of peasants.  My father was Muslim and my mother was Anglican. Both worked as market vendors. I was born able to hear and grew up a normal child until 1998 when I contracted mumps.  Due to complications of mumps my ears were affected, which resulted in the loss of my hearing.

At the age of one year old, my mom took me to my grand mother to take care of me after the death of my father, which resulted into family destabilization. I never got any opportunity to see my mum from that time until I turned nine. My grandmother was a great role model.  She took care of me at that early age, she taught me to be God-fearing, and how to live positively with others! My grandmother was a peasant but she could and would do anything, one way or the other to raise us. (Me and other children which my grandmother was taking care of).

In 1998, God brought an opportunity to register with Compassion and my grandmother took me there to get registered! Thanks to the Almighty, I was one of the first successfully registered children with Compassion in my area. Hence, I got enrolled into the Compassion program in 1998. I was among the children from the poor families!

As Compassion enrolled children, we were always given distributions such as mosquito nets, mattresses, bed sheets, soap, jerrycans, all school expenses plus scholarships. We were given an opportunity to know God…..thereby learning scriptures through Bible studies. Compassion always paid 7% of scholarships and enrolled children, especially those from poor families who find it difficult to reach high learning institutions or upper classes. Hence I was one of those who found such a challenge.

In 2003 I was advised by my doctor to join a school for the deaf where I could get quality education because I could not perform well in mainstream schools because I could not hear. Imagine, I had to join a boarding section, where finances part were challenging. My mom could not help, and my grandmother did not have a job so she could add on to what Compassion had to give, and take me to a boarding section.

My grandmother pleaded with the Compassion staff to help me because there was no other way for her to get that money! God used the Compassion staff to request from the Compassion head office to make sure that I joined a boarding section and indeed, it was fulfilled! Praise God! I joined a boarding section under Compassion's support of everything including scholarships and all school expenses.

I studied in the main stream school from primary three to primary six and made sure I always performed well in class, i.e. I was always among the best ten pupils in class despite the loss of hearing sense. I also tried my best to learn sign language to be able to communicate with other deaf children and make many friends. In 2005, I was transferred to a school for the deaf where I completed my primary leaving examination and became the best girl and the second best of the year in the whole school....remember without God and Compassion's support, plus my grandmother, I would not have reached this level of learning.

In 2006, I joined a secondary school for ordinary level in 2009 in a boarding section under Compassion's support. I completed ordinary level successfully, though I did not obtain the good grades I expected, I made it to advanced level in 2010 and studied history, geography, economics and divinity in a deaf school, under Compassion's support in everything.

I completed advanced level successfully in 2011 and became the best girl, best art class student, and second best student in the whole school following the best who studied sciences in physics, economics, mathematics and fine art under Compassion's support. Although I did not obtain the good grades I expected, I got the minimum points required for one to join university in Uganda.

I became very worried because my years in Compassion had reached the limit but did not forget that God was behind my success. I prayed to God to show me the direction for the future.  Surprisingly, I was invited for interviews for affirmative action of people with disabilities that was to offer me a place at the university under government scholarships because I had performed well at the advanced level and was eligible to join university education! I did my interviews and passed them, and hence was given a place at Kyambogo University in Uganda to get my bachelor's degree of science in accounting and finance.

It was very sad that I had to leave Compassion after graduating from it since I had reached the age limit...but I am glad because this journey was through God's grace and mercy on me...imagine the experienced hardships and many challenges at school that I managed to pray and pass through them. I am now a second year at the university and looking forward to see how God is continuing to show His grace towards my success.

My thanks goes to Ms. Hannah for having a compassionate heart and sponsoring me up to the time of graduating from the Compassion program. Hannah did not only sponsor me financially, but also spiritually which strengthened my spiritual enrichment and it has encouraged me to have a kind heart of helping other suffering children. Thank you Hannah. Other thanks go to my Compassion project staff for all the support they provided. My grandmother’s role is not left out: I thank her for raising me and teaching me how to live positively,  morally and God-fearing!

Therefore with Compassion’s support in terms of education, social, economic and spiritual benefits I received, motivated me to gain passion and compassion to help the unfortunate, marginalized and vulnerable disabled children, and I wish them to to know that God can turn disability into ability as God done in my life.


  1. What a tourching story,May God help You Excel in You story

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  3. Thank you for sharing this story, it is a good example for others.

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  5. What a beautiful God we serve,I am glad for you Sherinah,am a compassion Alumunai as well,thanks for sharing this great story,thanks to grandmother for that loving heart.
    With God,all things are possible

  6. Thank you for all you do and sharing your story! It is so wonderful to read all the amazing things and what you continue to do for others. As a parent of of a special needs child and hearing impaired myself, I can only imagine the additional challenges facing those with disabilities in Uganda and other places throughout the world. I was very blessed to have access to many resources for my son here in Canada but even those requires advocating and fundraising at times. My heart is with you and all the children! xo Heather

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