Executive Committee

Executive Director: Sherinah Nakiyemba

The Executive Director is an authorized spokesperson for the ministry and is responsible for official correspondence with sponsors and the other board members. Sherinah also identifies and recommends disabled children for sponsorship from across the region where SNH operates. She helps identify areas of growth for the ministry and proposes them to the executive committee, board members and sponsors. Additionally, she helps manage the finances, is a signatory to SNH's bank account, and works on the annual budget.

Treasurer: Moses Wabwire

The treasurer is responsible for monitoring and recording all the financial transactions of the ministry. Moses is an additional signatory for SNH's bank account and he advices the board of trusts on all financial issues. He is also responsible for initiating the ministry's annual budget and prepares the books to be submitted to the auditor.

International Board of Trustees

  • Hannah Hinojosa
  • Holly Caulfield

    The board of trustees are responsible for helping to plan and monitor SNH activities in accordance with the constitution. The board members also help to appoint the executive director and assist in advising and providing guidelines to the proper running of SNH to the executive committee. They also offer technical advice and assist in monitoring the finances of the ministry.
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