Monday, August 11, 2014

Catherine's Wheelchair

We would like to praise God for providing Catherine with a wheelchair! We are also so thankful to the effort that Catherine's sponsor and the SNH team put in to make this possible. We hope you enjoy the photos of this exciting occasion! Sherinah also presented Catherine with a Bible.

Sherinah with Catherine's mother

Sherinah & Catherine

Look at the faces of anticipation!

The wheelchair!

Isn't Catherine's smile beautiful?

We are so excited for Catherine!

As mentioned previously, Catherine is sponsored by a wonderfully caring sponsor. If you would like to help make a difference in the life of child with SNH, please view our waiting children page.

Happy Birthday Brevis!

We would like to wish Brevis a very happy 8th birthday!

Brevis was born normal, but lost his hearing due to an unknown illness. Brevis lives with his mother, who is a peasant farmer. Brevis is currently in primary 4, but due to lack of funds, Brevis may have to quit school. Brevis enjoys Sunday School and playing soccer, despite hearing loss. He helps his mother by gardening, fetching water and firewood, and cleaning the compound.

Brevis is still waiting for a sponsor! If you would like to sponsor Brevis, please let us know at
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