Friday, January 16, 2015

SNH Christmas Party - December 2014

2014 ended with a day of fun and fellowship for the children and families of SNH. December 23rd was a day filled with fun, food, speeches, more food and more speeches.
SNH staff welcomed the families and thanked them for coming to the 2nd annual Christmas party. They spoke of the mission of SNH and encouraged families to see the potential in their children and to work together to enable them to be all they are capable of being.
SNH parents spoke about what SNH has meant to them and their children and several of the children also shared. Grace struggled to overcome stage fright as she sang for the crowd.
Harriet gave a very powerful speech in which she expressed gratitude to her sponsors for all they’ve done for her, beseeched parents to believe in and fight for their children, and encouraged the children to believe in themselves, to dream big and never give up hope.
SNH staff looked smart in their new team shirts and the children stood out in their bright pink SNH kids wear!
A party wouldn’t be a party without gifts and this event was no exception. Each of the children received a card and got to choose from a goodie bag filled will all sorts of trinkets and prizes (balls, bracelets, teeny beanie babies…). The parents and staff received bars of soap.
A highlight of the day was the delicious meal, cold sodas and of course the Christmas cake.
A heartfelt thanks to those who made the party possible. A great time was had by all and everyone is already looking ahead to Christmas 2015.
If you would like to sponsor a child with SNH, you can view Waiting Children, or email sherinahnewhope(at) for more info!

About Holly Caulfield…Holly is a long time special education teacher, has been a child sponsor for most of her life and has helped run nonprofits/child sponsorship programs for over ten years. In addition to enjoying traveling, meeting new people and learning about other cultures, Holly enjoys reading, writing and spending time with friends.


  1. What a blessing to see God's work in action through the love and dedication of Sherinah's ministry & everybody who helps out.

  2. A beautiful story. I cannot wait to read more about this amazing ministry and its growth over the coming years. Beautiful photos too!

  3. It is wonderful to see the outpouring of love for these special families. The pictures just bring the stories to life.


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