Saturday, December 30, 2017

Happy New Year from SNH!

After a year of welcoming two new babies to SNH staff members (Sherinah & Moses welcomed Shadrach in February, and Hannah & Eric welcomed Mateo in July), we are back!

We also want to introduce a new member to the SNH team, Dana: Dana is a former veterinary technician who now owns her own pet sitting business. She is married with two daughters. Dana has been sponsoring children since she was a young teenager and has passed the love of sponsorship on to her oldest daughter who also sponsors a child. She is very excited to be joining our team! Dana will be helping us with the web side of things, and she also created a PayPal account for SNH! She will be sharing more about that in January.


We also wanted to share some of the Christmas gifts that the children in SNH received in December 2017.

Juliet received bread and money for Christmas meal and a Christmas dress!

Paul, who was just recently sponsored, received 10 kgs of maize flour, 3kgs of beans, rice, sugar, bread and money for Christmas clothes and meals, thanks to extra help from his new sponsor!

Joshua received bread and money for Christmas meal and clothes. Joshua is still waiting for a sponsor.

Beautiful Harriet also received Christmas gifts from her sponsors.

Sisters Grace and Gloria, who are both sponsored, also received Christmas food and clothes.

And finally, Ikou and Ivan both received wheelchairs!

Written by Hannah Hinojosa

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